VriezenLegal has registered the following legal practice areas in the 'register of legal areas' of the Dutch Bar Association: insolvency law and corporate law. Pursuant to this registration, he is obliged to obtain at least 10 training credits in each registered legal practice area each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

insolvency law

If you (or your counterparty) find yourself in financial difficulties or in case of (imminent) bankruptcy, you need concrete advice and decisive assistance. VriezenLegal can support you in this respect, among other things in the areas of:

  • drafting and reviewing collateral documentation, such as a deed of pledge or a mortgage loan;
  • supervising financial restructurings, both within and outside of bankruptcy (corporate recovery);
  • advising and litigating on personal and collateral securities and complex financing issues;
  • advising and litigating on liability of directors and / or supervisory directors towards a bankruptcy trustee or an individual creditor;
  • advising and litigating for creditors and / or collateral beneficiaries in verification and execution proceedings.

corporate law

VriezenLegal will be happy to advise you on the drafting of various (commercial) contracts in order to avoid proceedings. If proceedings are unavoidable, VriezenLegal will advise and assist you. VriezenLegal has, inter alia, expertise in the field of:

  • drafting and reviewing various (commercial) contracts, such as agency agreements and distribution agreements;
  • supervising a business transfer or acquisition and drafting transaction documentation;
  • advising and litigating on corporate disputes (corporate litigation), including shareholder disputes;
  • advising and litigating on disputes regarding (the termination of) joint ventures;
  • advising and litigating on corporate law issues, such as in the area of corporate governance.